Jordan Pizza Delivery Policy

Curb Side Pickup & Contactless Delivery
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Please Note:

If you are a new customer and unsure if we delivery to your Neighbourhood or Street please give the Store a quick call 905-562-7328

We reserve the right to restrict or refuse deliveries based on 1) weather conditions 2) distance 3) inaccurate information given 4) high business volumes.

If we feel inclement weather has a high probability to affect 1) the safety of our staff and 2) the service to our customers, we will only deliver at the discretion of management. This would generally happen if a weather watch or warning is issued.

Delivery orders must have a sub-total of $10 or more.

Customers will be given an approximate wait time for delivery. We want to be as accurate as possible; however certain conditions beyond our control could delay orders. If this occurs, we will make reasonable resolutions with a productive approach to solving the problem. 

During these difficult times in dealing with Covid19 our Delivery is contactless, the Driver will ring or knock wait for customer to come to the door, Please allow our driver to place your order on a nearby table or chair and step back before retrieving you delivery order. We are working hard to #flattenthecurve and get life back to normal


3720 Nineteenth Street
Jordan Station, ON, Canada


Tuesday To Thursday 4 Pm - 8 Pm
Friday And Saturday 4 Pm - 9 Pm
Sunday Hours.  4 pm - 8 pm
Monday Closed 


(905) 562-7328​